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EQS Global is a group that operates globally in the areas of engineering and technology, developing services, products and software dedicated to Asset Management and Risk Management.

We are looking for a Project Manager, to join a technical team in Switzerland.

Department: ----
Project Location(s): Switzerland
Reference: Proj_Manager_Swiss
Compensation: ---
  • Preparation for Equipment Identification and Registration: prepare for the identification of all equipment under the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Facilitate the registration of these items with SVTI, ensuring readiness for documentation.
  • Preparation for Assembly Declaration of Conformity: prepare the necessary groundwork for compiling assembly declarations of conformity as per the Lonzo regulation and PED Directive 2014/68/EU. Coordinate efforts to facilitate the approval and verification of these documents by a third party, such as the Swiss Safety Center.
  • Preparation for Declaration of Conformity and Incorporation: set up processes for preparing declarations of conformity, CE declarations of incorporation, and related documents according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. Arrange for the establishment and approval processes for these documents.
  • SIV Declaration for Package Suppliers (Primary Responsibility): actively acquire and check SIV declarations of conformity from package suppliers, relevant to unit type 123456 per SIV. Ensure the declarations are accurate and complete.
  • SIV Declaration for Valve Suppliers (Primary Responsibility): obtain and verify SIV declarations of conformity from valve suppliers, including a completed Excel of TRBCI 157, applicable to unit type 3 per SIV. Ensure these declarations are relevant and accurate.
  • Liaison with Swiss Safety Center: be the primary point of contact for the Swiss Safety Center. Work diligently to obtain the declaration of TRCI conformity certificate.
  • ATEX Checklist Compliance (Primary Responsibility): actively conduct and document the ATEX checklist in accordance with CHVI-23354. Confirm that the checklist is approved and meets all regulatory standards.
  • Liaise with suppliers, regulatory bodies, and internal teams to ensure compliance and certification is achieved efficiently.
  • Degree in engineering.
  • Experience in MS Project and project management tools.
  • Project Management Certification.
  • Proficiency in English and French (preferred).

Candidates should fill the form with the reference “Proj_Manager_Swiss

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