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The Mecwide group has completed a Sonangol Gas Reception and Distribution Unit in Angola, where EQS is present. This is the country’s largest-ever project, with an investment of 42.5 million euros by the Angolan oil company, where Mecwide was responsible for its construction.

“Falcão Phase 2” is recognized by the Angolan government as a strategic piece in the construction of the ammonia and urea plant, essential to guarantee the country’s autonomy in the production of fertilizers for agricultural soil.

Mecwide, as EPC, has delivered a unit capable of treating around 50 million cubic feet of gas per day, including the construction of a gas pipeline over nine kilometers long.

EQS Angola, as Mecwide’s partner company, played an important role in the successful “Falcão Phase 2” project, with services in the field of Welding Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing, ensuring quality, safety and environmental compliance. The Non-Destructive Testing works included Industrial Radiography, Liquid Penetrant and Magnetoscopy services.

EQS Angola’s commitment to technical excellence was evident when collaborating with Mecwide on this large-scale project. As an active partner, we provided a comprehensive welding inspection, ensuring that the highest standards were met.

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