The growth path for the ecosystem of energy and process industries

EQS Global invests in the global market and in renewable energies, namely hydrogen. It presents expertise in the field of “Engineering and Technology, as solutions to support companies in the Management of their Assets and Operations”, as a result of 15 years of experience in the market.

EQS Global is positioned as a partner to all companies that want to find the best solution regarding decarbonization, contributing to a more efficient, safe, and reliable energy transition.

EQS Global has extensive technical know-how in the development of innovative projects in renewable energy, whether wind, onshore or offshore, and solar. We have proven experience in projects as a service provider in the area of ​​quality, environment, and safety, in the renewable energy market throughout its entire lifecycle.


EQS Global Renewables services have full worldwide coverage,
with deep know-how in wind and photovoltaic industry

Renewables Specialized Services

• Due Diligence
• Project Management
• Inspection, Supervision & Quality Assurance
• EHS – Environment, Health & Safety Services
• Installation and Commissioning
• Operation and Maintenance
• Digital Operations & Asset Monitoring
• Outsourcing & Recruitment



✔ Ensure compliance with quality and safety standards
✔ Extend the asset’s useful life
✔ Increase productivity and improve efficiency
✔ Reduce risk and avoid accidents
✔ Mitigate unscheduled downtimes
✔ Reduce operational costs and improve investment decisions
✔ Accelerate digital transformation

Due Diligence

• Design Review
• Inspection and Structural analysis
• Foundation Inspection
• Electrical and Thermographic Inspection
• Drone Inspection
• Non-Destructive Testing
• Technical Due Diligence

Project Management

• Project Planning
• Budget Expenditures and Progress Monitoring
• Production of KPIs, Reports, and Project Tracking Tools
• Quality Management
• Risk Management
• Safety Management
• Documentation Review (Engineering, Installation, Commissioning and Quality)
• Punch List Management and Implementation Plans
• Fabrication, Installation, and Commissioning Supervision
• Site Support (Installation and Commissioning Package)
• Site Quality Auditing and Project Readjustment
• Handover Management

EHS - Environment, Health, and Safety services

• Develop HSE Strategy
• Develop HSE Project Plan
• Performing HAZID’s with contractors
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Safety & Environmental Supervision/Coordination

Inspection During Fabrication

• Quality Control (Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical)
• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
• Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
• Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Inspection, Supervision & Quality Assurance

• Structural Condition Assessment
• Vendor Inspections and Audits
• QA/QC and Testing during Manufacturing
• Construction & Commissioning Supervision
• Inspection and Condition Monitoring during Commissioning and Operation
• Tests and Validation NDT’s
• Technical Due Diligence
• HSE [Develop HSE Strategy | Develop HSE Project Plan | Performing HAZID’s with contractors | Environmental Impact Assessments | Safety & Environmental Supervision/Coordination]
• Quality [Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) Approval | Quality Control Supervision | Non-Destructive Testing Supervision | Desk and Field Expediting]

Installation and Commissioning

• Technical Supervision
• Inspections of safety-critical devices and equipment
• Rope Access Services
• Commissioning (WTG; Transformer; Substation; Cables; …)

Operation and Maintenance

• Equipment ( WTG – Wind Turbine Generator, solar, …) Condition Monitoring
• Inspections of safety-critical devices and equipment
• Rope-Access Inspections
• Drone Inspections
• Structural Health Monitoring

Technical Staffing & Training Solutions

• Technical Staffing & Recruitment
• Tailored In-Company Training
• Certification Programs

• Quality, Environment, and Safety
• Project Planning and Management
• Project Engineering
• Technical Purchases
• Quality Control
• Production
• Maintenance
• R&D
• Training Management

Digital Operations

• Project Management and Control
• Asset Portfolio (all asset documentation management)
• Monitoring and Alarms
• Asset localization
• Access Control (document management)
• Site Safety Coordination (Project-oriented)
• External entities daily reports
• General Risk Assessment
• Online training and knowledge Evaluation
• Worker Survey

EQS Global is the world largest floating wind farm

The WindFloat Project was born in Portugal and developed an innovative technology that will allow the exploitation of wind potential at sea, all over the world, at depths of more than 40m.

The innovation focus of the project is the conception of a floating foundation, based on the experiences from the oil and gas industry, which will support multi-MW wind turbines in offshore applications.

A year after the opening of the first offshore wind farm in Portugal, EQS Global continues to partner with the Wind plus consortium in guaranteeing the safety conditions of the WindFloat Atlantic project.

During this first year of activity, the park produced 75-gigawatt hours (GWh), equivalent to the annual consumption of around 60,000 families.

EQS Global provides Quality Assurance services during the construction of offshore structures and delivers advanced safety and digital consultancy services dedicated to asset design, operation, and maintenance.

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