Risk is an inherent aspect of the organizations’ daily life. Risks to health, safety, and the environment deserve special attention since their measurement; management and monitoring allow preventing major accidents that jeopardize people, the environment, and the company’s well-being.

EQS Global supports its clients in the development implementation of risk management solutions, as well as in the definition of responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes, and resources to face the everyday challenges related to health, safety, and the environment.

Risk Management is major concern in every demanding project or activity. The highest levels of Health, Safety and Environmental protection must be assured and maintained all stages, from design to decommissioning.

With an experienced safety and environmental engineering team, EQS Global provides Independent Safety Supervision Services.



Risks to health, safety, and the environment deserve special attention since their measurement, management, and monitoring allow preventing major accidents that jeopardize people, the environment, and the company’s well-being.

Meeting the needs of its clients, EQS Global develops its work in the following areas:
Process Safety
Occupational Health & Safety
Environmental Consultancy
Management Systems Consultancy & Audits
Strategic Technical Advisory
Legal and Regulatory Compliance


Environmental Risk Management aims to develop sustainable long-term solutions for businesses, in order to deal with challenges related to risks to the environment, health, and safety. Poor management can mean serious consequences for the environmental well-being of a company or organization, affecting its ability to achieve the established business goals.

Laws and regulations in force affect performance, reputation, and the company’s own value. Risks related to legal issues penalties and operational failures are extremely high.

Effective Environmental Risk Management assumes itself as a differentiating role in the businesses’ success, minimizing the occurrence of major accidents and improving performance.


Manufacture, handling and use of dangerous substances and management of pressurized systems have the potential to present major hazards not only to workers but also to members of the public nearby, assets and the environment. Process safety considers how these major hazards should be assessed and controlled.

Our services include:

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HAZID, HAZOP, QRA, LOPA)
  • SIS Services – Safety Instrumented Systems (SIL Level)

EQS Global provides Specialized Technical Advisory Services in the field of Process Safety, avoiding unintended losses due to abnormalities in design or operation.


An organization’s success derives from the existence of management systems designed, implemented and maintained to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance. Therefore, EQS provides consulting, auditing solutions and working methodologies tailored to the clients’ needs.

EQS Global supports leading companies worldwide through specialized Technical Advisory Services, and a team with extensive experience supporting clients concerning Management Systems.


All industrial players must be aware of their obligations, responsibilities, duties, and general principles of promotion of workers’ health and environmental protection.

Ongoing systematic collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of data related to harmful substances are mandatory. For this purpose, there must exist well-planned and implemented monitoring programs to eliminate or control exposure to hazardous airborne chemicals, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, noise, and vibration, among others.


Specialized professionals with the skills to ensure that projects are executed correctly and in accordance with legal regulations, within the stipulated time and budget, are fundamental. EQS Global provides efficient staffing solutions, striving to satisfy the clients’ needs and to add value to complex and high demanding work environments.

Why separate risk analyses?

At UNO’s Safety Tools we believe that contextualization and attention to detail are the keys to having a correct and safe operation; so we develop a digital tool that allows users to quantitatively evaluate area and job risks in one place and automatically inform relevant stakeholders.

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