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Tanks, pressure vessels, and pipelines are omnipresent infrastructures in the industry, where they are used to store and transport products and raw materials to and from factories and, in many cases, to distribution points and end customers.

Over time, due to material aging, corrosion reduces the original wall thickness of the infrastructures, which may compromise their reliable operation and even cause the collapse of assets. In addition to representing, in many cases, a risk to the environment, health, and integrity of workers and surrounding populations, this type of situation can cause high economic losses, directly due to unscheduled stops and indirectly due to supply failures.

Thus, within the scope of protection and optimization of structural resilience of critical assets, it is fundamental to carry out an inspection of structural integrity to follow the evolution of the structure condition during its aging. In this context, the application of monitoring solutions has shown capabilities of surveying large structural components for defects, providing more comprehensive information about the integrity condition of the structure under analysis.

Risk Reduction & Production Optimization

End-to-End Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions


  • Integrity and Corrosion Monitoring for Industrial Equipment & Pipelines
  • Condition Monitoring for Rotating Equipment
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Civil & Structural Engineering


  • Embedded Sensors
  • Multi-Technology Gateway
  • UNO Digital Platform
MOT Monitoring Sensor // EQS Patented Technology

EQS patented technology based on long-range ultrasonics, that combines guided wave generation with fiber optic detection. Feature the detection of localised corrosion and erosion on the pipelines.
The MOT can be permanently installed on the pipeline and from a single installation point, monitors the integrity in a range of about 80 m (40 m in each direction) and 360º, providing a comprehensive overview of the pipeline integrity. The retrieved data is sent to the UNO Asset Management Platform, which does a semi-automatic analysis of the data. More data sources can be connected so that a more contextualized analysis can be arranged and use predictive algorithms to plan maintenance or replacement interventions.

Acoustic Monitoring

Acoustic Emission Technology consists of the phenomenon of high-frequency sound wave radiation, in materials that undergo deformation or fracture processes.

EQS Global applies this technology in:

  • Pressure Equipment and Piping Systems
  • Pipelines
  • Storage Tanks
  • Composite Materials
  • Civil Engineering Assets (Structures, Bridges, among others)
Leak Detection Fiber Optics
Leak Detection

The pipeline leak detection system is based on fiber optic distributed sensing technology, and it is able to detect, in a fraction of seconds, a leak in real-time and pinpoint the location.

A dedicated fiber optic cable coupled to (or nearby to) the pipeline is used, the whole fiber acts as a continuous sensor. The detection is based on the analysis of the backscattered light of a laser pulse that travels along the fiber. In this way, it is possible to remotely and continuously monitor tens of km of pipelines. Examples of applications are NH3, LNG, and Ethylene among others.

Structural Health Monitoring

Optical and Electrical Technology

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) offers the ability to continuously observe the integrity of Civil and Structural Engineering related assets in real-time, with the goal of enhancing safety and reliability and reducing maintenance and inspection costs.

Besides providing continuous information about the condition of structural components SHM systems help the owner of an asset to carry out design verifications and reviews for design, construction, testing, and long-term performance.

The creation of a historical file of collected data will support the development of maintenance and management strategies, as well as the planning of short, medium, and long-term interventions.

Monitoring and Prediction with UNO DIGITAL PLATFORM

UNO platform predictive algorithms produce real-time insights, promoting preventive and predictive asset management, and the management of the useful life of the asset by inferring the possible consequences on the long-term performance.

The quality of data is fundamental to producing quality information.

EQS Digital collects data from multiple data sources with quality guarantees:

●  Integration of existing systems
●  Installation of new monitoring systems
●  Installation of new sensors

After collecting and contextualizing data, EQS Digital can implement forecasting systems that enhance the transformation of data into information.

With good information, EQS Digital algorithms can detect and predict deviations and potential failures.

EQS Digital’s monitoring and forecasting systems guarantee a holistic and standardized view of all sites and equipment, so that our customers reduce operating costs, optimize investments, and reduce unscheduled downtime.


Early leak detection in a 4000 meters long ammonia pipeline

EQS first installed a distributed measurement system using fiber optics attached to the 4 generatrixes of the pipeline. With this system, we can identify, with a 2 meters resolution, ammonia leakage.
Leak detection is an important part, however, it will not be enough to anticipate the occurrence of a leakage. For this, and through our MOT sensors, a proprietary technology from EQS, it is possible to identify these possible leaks before they occur. MOT technology allows the monitoring of mass loss in-service, and with the integrity evolution reports, it is possible to know when the asset will fail.

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    Feel free to require a quote! Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!