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Building Inspection & Evaluation

The construction industry is one of the largest contributors to the global economy. As the dimension and technical sophistication of buildings increases, great complexity factors arise in the project. Quality, safety, and regulatory environment requirements must always be complied.

EQS Global applies advanced technologies and non-destructive testing methods to obtain a detailed material characterization, a specific condition assessment, and a continuous structural monitoring.

The rehabilitation’s proper execution contributes to a sustainable construction, considering the safeguard of natural resources and preservation of the environment. Structures’ maintenance and rehabilitation allow safeguarding these aspects while seeking to improve or correct the structures’ structural behaviour.

EQS Global applies advanced technologies, non-destructive testing methods and structural engineering knowledge to obtain a detailed material characterization, a specific condition assessment, continuous structural monitoring and extend the assets useful life.

Architectural heritage represents historical and cultural values. In order to promote the infrastructure’s conservation, profound knowledge of various aspects is necessary – from the geometry to the condition, not forgetting the construction materials. Aiming to answer to the contemporary society’s requirements, related to economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects, rehabilitation and maintenance have been building up and becoming more relevant.

EQS Global applies detailed diagnosis using advanced testing technologies, supporting its clients in the definition of the best maintenance and rehabilitation strategies, maintaining the safety conditions and the architectural heritage assets’ integrity.

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