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safe energy day GALP


The sensibilization on First Aid promoted by GALP, taking place today (10.11.2022) in Matosinhos, Lisbon, Mitrena/Tanquisado and Sines, as the name implies, aims to alert and raise awareness of all its employees, for the first aid provided by someone to a person who is in a critical situation.

These are emergency procedures, which must be applied to victims of accidents, sudden illness or in danger of life, with the aim of maintaining vital signs, seeking to avoid the worsening of the condition in which the person is.

It is an individual or collective action, within its due limitations in helping others, until advanced assistance is in place to provide more detailed and definitive assistance.

The importance of providing first aid is related to the fact that any person, even with little knowledge, can, with simple attitudes, reduce suffering, avoid future complications and save lives when the situation requires it.

Each of us can make a difference in helping!

safe energy day GALP
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