Aware of the commitment to contribute to a more efficient energy transition, EQS Global has deep participation in the wind energy area.

From our earlier beginnings, EQS Global development a real partnership in reneries and industrial installations areas.

Analyzing regulatory and performance requirements through a shop floor experience to help our customers to meet their needs.

In order to assess the condition and maintenance of all components, increasing safety levels and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen and Renewable energy

EQS Global has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance created by the European Commission. This alliance, created in the framework of accelerating the energy transition to hydrogen, will help companies and organizations to be more competitive and sustainable. Our knowledge can be shared with the main objective of achieving a common good: the decarbonization of our

In this case, EQS Global’s action – with a focus on industry and infrastructures – contributes to the improvement of energy eciency and integration of renewable energies in organizations from an independent and third-party perspective.


EQS GLOBAL in the world largest floatinng wind farm

The WindFloat Project, was born in Portugal and developed an innovative technology that will allow the exploitation of wind potential at sea, all over the world, at depths of more than 40m.

The innovation focus of the project is the conception of a oating foundation, based on the experiences from the oil and gas industry, which will support multi-MW wind turbines in oshore applications.

EQS Global provides Quality Assurance services during the construction of oshore structures and delivers advanced safety and digital consultancy services dedicated to asset design, operation and maintenance.



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