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From our earlier beginnings, EQS Global developed a real partnership in refineries and industrial installations areas.

With more than 16 years in Oil & Gas sector, EQS Global deliver specialized services and digital solutions to support companies managing their assets and operations, ensure quality and compliance, improve reliability and performance, and avoid the occurrence of incidents, provided by a highly qualified technical team, using the most advanced technology.


Providing services you need, when you need them


• Inspection & Quality Assurance
• Non-Destructive Testing & Asset Monitoring
• Drone Inspection
• Engineering Consulting & Technical Supervision


• Safety & Environmental Supervision
• HSE Risk Management
• Environmental Consulting
• Process Safety
• Management Systems
• HSE Laboratory Testing


• Technical Outsourcing
• Recruitment Services
• Training


• Digital Transformation Consulting
• UNO Industrial Digital Platform
• Monitoring Solutions
• Industrial Software Development


✔ Ensure compliance with quality and safety standards
✔ Extend the asset’s useful life
✔ Increase productivity and improve efficiency
✔ Reduce risk and avoid accidents
✔ Mitigate unscheduled downtimes
✔ Reduce operational costs and improve investment decisions
✔ Accelerate digital transformation

Inspection & Quality Assurance

• In-service & Non-Intrusive Inspections (ISI/NII)
• Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Inspections
• Construction Quality Control
• Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU Certification
• Welding & Welding Procedures Certification
• Pressure Equipment & Systems Legal Inspections
• Pipeline Inspection
• Storage Tanks Inspection
• Valves & Pressure Relief Devices Inspection
• Cathodic Protection Inspection
• Risk-based Inspections (RBI)
• Work Equipment Legal Inspection
• Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification
• Machinery Safety
• Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)
• Fitness-for-Service Assessment (FFS)
• Failure Analysis
• Accident Examination
• Technical Due Diligence

Non-destructive Testing & Monitoring

• Conventional Non-Destructive Testing
• Advanced Non-Destructive Testing
• Rotating Equipment Condition Monitoring
• Piping & Pipeline Monitoring
• Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Engineering Consulting & Supervision

• Construction Supervision
• Asset Management Consulting
• Technical Outsourcing
• Engineering Studies & Life Extension Programs
• 3D Digitalization & Reverse Engineering
• Structural Analysis & Advanced Studies
• Design Review

See also

• Drone Inspection and Survey
• Rope Access Services
• Underwater Inspection

Risk Management & Compliance Consulting

• Safety Supervision
• HSE Risk Management
• Environmental Consulting
• Process Safety
• Management Systems
• HSE Laboratory

Technical Staffing & Training Solutions

• Technical Staffing & Recruitment
• Tailored In-Company Training
• Certification Programs

Digital Solutions

• UNO Industrial Digital Platform
• Monitoring Solutions
• Digital Transformation Consulting
• Software Development

Digital ATEX module

The ATEX concept applies to potentially explosive atmospheres due to the possible presence of combustible dust, vapors, or gases that can ignite and cause an explosion.

All the equipment documentation and characterization of the explosivity manual is loaded into the platform, allowing inspectors to have all the information for the inspection in the palm of their hands.

With the design information loaded and the field inspection, it is possible to verify gaps and recommend corrective and improvement actions.

These measures must be reviewed with a maximum periodicity of one year, as well as whenever significant changes occur that affect the safety of the operations.

In the digital tool, it is possible to create and follow the action plans.

When an action plan is completed, the list of re-inspections that need to be performed is updated.

Through the use of tagging, we can quickly identify the equipment, which is the action plan, the re-inspection, etc.

Directive 94/9/CE (amended to Directive 2014/34/EU): Establishes the safety rules with which equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must comply. Directive 94/9/CE was transposed to national law by Decree-Law 112/96 of August 5 and Directive 2014/34/EU by Decree-Law 111-C/2017 of August 31.

Directive 1999/92/CE: Establishes the minimum requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers who may be exposed to risks arising from explosive atmospheres at the workplace. It was transposed to national law by Decree-Law 236/2003 of September 30.

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