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2016 has been a defining year for EQS. The celebration of 11 years of existence and work, the consolidation of a professional and experienced team and the growing approach of disruptive areas have come to mean the company’s success. Increasingly walking abreast of the current technological innovations, EQS became also this year, one of the companies awarded by the European Commission, under the Horizon 2020 program.

Issues such as Technology, Innovation, Software, Informatics, are greater than just words in our vocabulary. These are our daily routine.

Aware of the importance of investing in key technologies that lead to social advances and new markets, and its conjunction with advanced knowledge in areas ranging from Engineering to IT, EQS focuses its activity today in the development of  innovative tools and solutions dedicated to Asset Management.

Thus, Innovation and Technology are increasingly at the center of all EQS’s activities, helping the company to work in order to develop better products and services, to create new jobs and, above all, to monitor environmental, technological and current economic challenges.


EQS is growing. To know all career opportunities available visit us at www.eqs-global.com. Find your place and become part of an innovative project and a winning team.

It’s confirmed and official! EQS’s NANO has just entered the exclusive group of companies awarded with the H2020’s second stage of development prize. After a long journey working side by side with our clients, providing innovative and disruptive solutions dedicated to physical and human assets, NANO development project’s potential and novelty have once again been recognized.

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