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From Trail Running to Rallycross, EQS’s relationship with sports activity has birth on the year of the company’s constitution. Leveraged by the pre-existing relationship of the founding partners with sports, the promotion of sports activities, events and teams is seen as something natural and stemming from the company’s commitment towards civil society.

In this article, we explore the origins and commitment of EQS in promoting healthier lifestyles and environmental practices that drive environmental preservation.

Aware of its role in civil society, and together with the importance of promoting sustainable environmental practices and healthier lifestyles, EQS has been developing and supporting initiatives in the sports and social spheres in order to promote well-being, balance and respect for the environment. Finding in sport disciplines such as Trail Running and Rallycross aspects that identify with its business activity, EQS associates itself with professional and amateur events, already maintaining a tradition in supporting initiatives that take place annually.

Two of such cases are the Boneca D’Ouro Trail and EQS’s Company Hike. Activities with an intrinsic connection to the environment, EQS found in both of them an opportunity to disseminate a culture of social and environmental respect among the participants. While internal activity, EQS Hike plays in the eyes of Cristina Ferreira, Corporate QHSE Manager, an essential role. As one of the organizers of the event, Cristina Ferreira emphasizes that one of the main reasons for this is “to combine conviviality and encouraging sports, since there is a component of our work that is sedentary.” The Corporate QHSE Manager adds that “the participation in this event has been quite interesting and we believe that little by little we are managing to combat the natural sedentary lifestyle of our profession. In addition, the moments of social interaction that these events provide are essential to promoting team spirit, since we have people often assigned to projects and who see these days as an opportunity to contact with their colleagues and relax.”

Helder Araújo, EQS’s CEO, explains that the identification with the sports area is something that is at the heart of the company. “We are very involved with sports and we support sports organizations that, regardless of their size, work daily to win and make a difference, in a healthy way.”

As a company that has assumed a socially responsible conscience since its foundation, EQS’s ethical attitude understands the respect for the community, for the environment and for the promotion of health and well-being as differentiating aspects in its activity, since for the company it is “extremelly important that people contact with the brand and understand its identity outside the business environment,” says Helder Araújo.

EQS’s close relationship with sports practice also includes less recognized and supported modalities such as Sebolido Sports Association’s canoeing and others that have a marked connection with the technology area such as Truck races and Rallycross.

In the context of Rallycross, EQS Racing Team’s rider Nuno Araújo explains that the involvement is “crucial. Without this involvement it would not be possible to materialize this project, since the investment associated with a national Rallycross championship’s season is very high”. The pilot also emphasizes the importance of the ostentation of the EQS colors, that in his eyes symbolize “responsibility and dedication. A national company that has grown from nothing to become a reference in the world of engineering and industrial inspections is indeed an image and an example that I take with me whenever I am going to run”. For the 2017 season, the pilot’s objectives involve a learning and adaptation phase to the new EQS Racing Team vehicle and knowledge of the tracks where the championship takes place. Nuno Araújo also says that “despite being an EQS car and being the main driver of the project, it is important for me to also give maximum visibility and return to the other sponsors involved. In addition to the competitions, we will throughout the season try to involve the sponsors in initiatives dedicated to them and their employees, as we have already had an opportunity to do with EQS”.

Already this year EQS gave the opportunity of 7 employees to try the new vehicle of the Racing Team, venturing alongside the pilot to try out the Lousada eurocircuit.

In EQS’s continuity project, socio-environmental responsibility, the vision of sustainability and the commitment to promote healthier lifestyles will continue to be the base that motivates the support to sports modalities with strong connections to the technology area and the environment.

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