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The European Commission recognized EQS’s highly innovative DNA and awarded the company with a H2020 Horizon prize.

EQS demonstrated good knowledge and experience in the markets it intends to master, and a well-defined development strategy to pursue breakthrough innovation by disrupting existing markets.

NANO development project, dedicated to critical asset monitoring, is based on a new generation of nanomaterials, nanodevices, and nanosystems. The solution integrates existing technologies’ knowledge with nanoscale phenomena at the crossroads of different scientific disciplines, aiming to reach a wide range of sectors.

Helder Araújo on the importance of collecting critical data from assets

This is a work that has been developed for some time now. What drove EQS to develop this new concept?

Helder Araújo (HA) – With our integrated engineering approach, we have been helping our clients improve critical assets management decisions, using 3D and virtual environments, balancing condition, costs, risks, opportunities and performance.

This is an innovative concept. On the other hand, there are aspects that EQS has already been working closely with its clients.

HA – Yes, our Engineering team has been developing intelligent applications, with automated data processing. Our clients don’t need to be experts, in engineering advanced analysis, but they do need to have reliable information and understand where it came from. With NANO, it is possible see, compare and relate data obtained from several different technologies.

What’s NANO main objective?

HA – With NANO we aim to take the asset’s integrity, reliability and performance, and people safety to higher levels. There are excellent existing technologies’ that when integrated with nanoscale phenomena’s will create reliable tools to get more and better data from assets.

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