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The increasing importance attributed to real-time data collection is largely due to its reflection on the increase in the lifetime of assets and the reduction of maintenance costs. Focusing on its health condition, the analysis of information obtained through monitoring allows to predict failures, improve performance and avoid the early degradation of different assets. It was with these objectives in mind that EQS proceeded with the installation of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system in Silos for agri-food. This infrastructure is integrated within the perimeter of the Port of Leixões, in Portugal.

Using this solution, it is possible to evaluate, in real-time, the behavior of the asset, together with its operating data, thus maximizing the potential. For this purpose, sensors were permanently installed without having to stop the operations.

The information collected in the field is processed automatically and sent to an available application hosted on the web. The automatic data analysis module allows for evaluation of structural safety and degradation, reporting, and sending alerts.

It’s confirmed and official! EQS’s NANO has just entered the exclusive group of companies awarded with the H2020’s second stage of development prize. After a long journey working side by side with our clients, providing innovative and disruptive solutions dedicated to physical and human assets, NANO development project’s potential and novelty have once again been recognized.

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