Aiming to improve the results of their clients, EQS provides Recruitment Services with the credibility and confidence gained in different markets: Oil and Gas; Energy; Telecommunications; Construction, and other specialized industries.

The know-how and expertise of EQS and its multidisciplinary technical teams, acquired over more than years of activity, are channeled into the provision of human capital recruitment services for several positions in the organizations.

EQS Global assumes itself in the market with a strong position, providing resources and appropriate solutions, with shared risk, so our clients can focus on their core business. Based on trust and dedication, we want our clients to maximize their results and increase value in the market.

EQS Global recognizes the importance of identifying and recruiting highly skilled and talented people for all industries.

EQS Global supports its clients in delivering specialized technical teams, helping to achieve their business objectives and improve operational performance.


Gathering information about the company (vision, values) and the profile requirements.


Networking; publish the job ads on the EQS website and on other specialized sources.


CV analysis; contact with the candidates for technical and behavioral skills validation.


Phone contact; video conference and/or face-to-face interview.


Evaluation report of the selected candidates, their strengths for the job, work experience, and salary expectations.

Hire & Onboarding

Employee’s wage policy communication; working conditions, onboarding, and training.

Monitoring Teams

Continuous performance evaluation, human resources retention, and valorization of their best practices satisfaction and motivation.

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