Recruitment Services

More than a recruiting partner, our business partner.

A tailored approach to specific
technical hiring needs.

Human resources are the central and most important element in any company. A team formed by the right people is essential for the development of human capital and for the definition of business strategies. That is why EQS Global recognizes the importance of identifying and recruiting highly qualified and talented people.

Along with the development and continuous improvement of each company’s human resources, EQS Global also believes in skills and knowledge as essential tools for achieving excellence. In this sense, it creates solutions in various fields, in order to respond with the most appropriate instruments, providing an increase in profitability and eficiency through tailored training.

Specialized professionals with the skills to ensure that projects are executed correctly and in accordance with legal regulations, within the stipulated time and budget, are fundamental.

EQS Global provides efficient staffing solutions, striving to satisfy the clients’ needs and to add value to complex and high demanding work environments.

Based on experience,
we provide high skilled professionals
with expertise in field

What We Do

● Search
● Job hunting and interview resources
● Managed Services
● Temporary Recruitment
● Client Support
● On-site Solutions
● Permanent Recruitment
● Compliance
● Digital Profiles
● Training

From Experts to Experts

We fill vacancies in the following sectors:

Wind Energy & Renewables

Aware of the commitment to contribute to a more ecient energy transition, EQS Global has a deep participation in the wind energy area.

Oil, Gas & Process Industries

From our earlier beginnings, EQS Global development a real partnership in reneries and industrial installations areas.


In order to assess the condition and maintenance of all components, increasing safety levels and signicantly reducing maintenance costs.

Industrial Equipment

Analyzing regulatory and performance requirements through an shop floor experience to helping our customers to meet their needs.

Our Certifications & Accreditations

C 3
C 4


Knowledge Zone

As a certified Training Center, EQS understands the importance of vocational training as a competitive advantage, in an individual and organizational level.


Opening Jobs

Find your next job. Work with major industry leaders. Find roles that fit your specific skillset.

Connecting the best people with world leading companies.


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