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As a Certified Training Center, EQS understands the importance of vocational training as a competitive advantage, at an individual and organizational level. In an increasingly competitive world, companies are betting on employees with the ability to keep track of changes. In this sense, certification, the acquisition of skills, and the constant knowledge recycling, values employees and the company, as they are indispensable.

Aware that they can contribute in an effective way to the update and increase knowledge of the assets, EQS develops specialized training in technical areas related to its core business, as well as in areas of cross-cutting interest, counting on a team of highly qualified professionals, which includes trainers, consultants, engineers, and technical staff.

EQS conducts three types of training:
Technical Training    //     Technological Training    //    Tailor-Made Training

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Tailored In-Company Training

EQS Global ensures the development of all catalogue formations at your customers’ premises. Profitable Training Solutions for your employees.
EQS Global develops intra-company training, with values calculated based on daily values, providing companies with cost-effective solutions with results that meet the expectations and needs of the market.
In addition, the development of Tailored Formations with the EQS Global allows the development of catalogue actions tailored to the needs of each organization.

Training Management Services

Delivering training programs is a resource-intense operation, EQS Global provides modular and scalable solutions to all aspects of training administration.

We support our clients with a full spectrum of training related administrative tasks.

Our team of experienced and qualified training management professionals help companies to focus valuable resources on theirs core business.


Training Areas


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Risk Analysis Techniques
• Hazop as a Risk Identification Method in the Scope of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015
• Safety and Health at Work Legislation
• Emerging Professional Risks: Monitoring and Evaluation
• Atex Directive
• Safety in Works in Confined Spaces
• Seveso Directive
• Safety in Work at Height
• Work in the Presence of Asbestos

• Acknowledgment of Work accidents
• Fire Fighting in Buildings
• Handling of Extinguishers
• First Aid
• Specialization in Work Safety Coordination
• Higher Occupational Safety Technician – ACT Certified
• Industrial Rope Access – Irata Certification Level 1
• Industrial Rope Access – Irata Certification Level 2
• Security in Petrochemical Industries – SSA Sines Training


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Environmental Legislation and Requirements
• Working Noise, Environment Noise and Vibrations
• Reach and CLP Regulations
• Environmental Follow-Up on Work
• Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater and Wastewater Treatment Stations (ETA and ETAR)
• Environmental Management in the Petroleum Industry
• Prevention and Control of Legionella in Water Systems
• E-Gar – Rules for the Electronic Waste Management Guides


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Quality Management Tools
• Introduction to Quality and Non-Quality Costs
• Complaint Management
• Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Training
• Suppliers Evaluation
• EMM’s – Measurement and Monitoring Equipment


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• ISO 55001: 2014 – Asset Management System
• RCM – Reliability Centred Maintenance
• TPM – Total Productive Maintenance
• The RCM as a Basis for Iso 55000
• Asset Management
• Industrial Production Planning And Control
• Organization Of Industrial Maintenance
• Maintenance Management Systems
• Methods and Techniques to Implement the Lean Production
• Methodology in the Company


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Safety Of Machinery And Equipment
• Machinery Directive
• Safety In The Handling And Operation Of Stackers
• Safety In The Handling And Operation Of Elevatory Platforms
• Safety In The Operation And Operation Of Cranes
• Manufacturing Safety And Crane Operation
• Safety In The Handling Of Land Movement Equipment


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Wending Initiation
• Aperfeiçoamento em Soldadura
• Welder Skills Improvement
• Basic Welding Training MIG/MAG
• Basic Welding Training SER
• Basic Welding Training TIG
• Inspetor Visual de Soldadura – Certificação CSWIP 3.0
• Welding Visual Inspector – CSWIP 3.0 Certification
• Welding Inspector – CSWIP 3.1 Certification
• Senior Welding Inspector – CSWIP 3.2 Certification


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Maintenance of Industrial Electrical Installations
• Basic Electricity
• Electrical Risk Prevention
• Low Voltage Protections
• Safety for Medium and High Voltage Work
• Electrical Installations in Explosive Atmospheres – Inspection and Maintenance
• Good Practices of Energy Efficiency


EQS conducts training in these areas:

• Effective Communication
• Stress and Pressure Management
• Leadership, Coaching, Motivation and Team Management
• Training Management
• SIGO Platform Certification of Training Actions
• LinkedIn For Professionals
• Business Negotiation – Strategies & Tactics
• Change Management for Executives
• Hosting and Integration of Collaborators
• Soft Skills and Hard Skills – Development
• Time Management

• Technical English For Industry, Trade and Services
• Mindfulness
• Brainstorming Session
• Emotional Intelligence
• Technical Spanish For Industry, Trade Aind Services
• Sales Techniques
• Customer Service
• Charges Management
• Human Resource Management
• Management of Training

40h Training Pack

EQS Training has created a set of eight-hour courses in different thematic areas, namely:

• Safety;
• Hygiene;
• Health;
• Environment;
• Quality;
• Machines and equipment;
• Languages;
• Information and Communication Technologies;
• Personal development.

Each company will be able to select five courses, according to the needs of its employees, in order to guarantee the number of training hours legally required.

Training package 40h was created to help companies, in accordance with the legislation (Law No. 93/2019 of 4 September), to ensure the number of compulsory training hours per employee (40 hours/year).

These amendments establish that the worker is entitled to at least 40 hours of training per year instead of the current 35 hours. This change took effect on October 1, 2019.


Select the desired training areas;

Choose the courses to develop in the organization;

Possibility of adjusting the programmatic contents and training hours of the training to the internal organizational context;

In the linguistic area, there is the possibility of affecting the 40 hours of training in the chosen language, depending on the employee's linguistic level, and a knowledge test is applied at the beginning;

In the area of Information and Communication Technologies, there is also the possibility of affecting the 40 hours of training to the selected computer tool, depending on the level of the employee;

Maximum group of 15 employees.


We would like to reiterate our full availability to develop programs according to the specific needs of each company.

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    Certification Programs


    • Safety Training for the Petrochemical Industry
    • Handling of Fire Extinguishers
    • Use of Breathing Equipment

    PETROCHEMICAL // GALP _ PLM facilities (Matosinhos logistics park)

    • Safety Pass – Petrochemical Industry


    • Basic Safety Training

    Basic & Supervisor VCA
    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) ISO 9712 Certification

    To obtain an ISO 9712 Non-Destructive Testing Certification, every technician must attend a recognized course, following specific learning contents and minimum training hours, according to ISO/TR 25107 and ISO/TR 25108 recommendations.

    EQS Global is a recognized training center to perform Non-Destructive Testing Training for ISO 9712 Certification.

    RNon-Destructive Testing (NDT) ASNT Certification

    To obtain an ASNT (American Society for Non-Destructive Testing) Non-Destructive Testing Certification, every technician must attend a recognized course, following specific learning contents and minimum training hours, according to SNT-TC-1A recommendation.

    EQS Global is a Certified Training Center with all the necessary technical team, facilities and equipments to perform Non-Destructive Testing Training for ASNT Certification.

    E-LEARNING Programs


    Training Certificates


    Available Courses

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    Technical Trainers or Evaluators

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