Safety and the Prevention are the keys for success

Assets’ structural health is crucial since their failure can have catastrophic repercussions. Real-time monitoring of this type of structure is fundamental for social safety and the prevention of the total degradation of structures.

With more than 16 years in the Infrastructures sector, EQS Global deliver specialized services and digital solutions to support companies managing their assets and operations, ensure quality and compliance, improve reliability and performance, and avoid the occurrence of incidents, provided by a highly qualified technical team, using the most advanced technology.



• Strain Monitoring
• Crack Growth Monitoring
• Fatigue Assessment
• Ground Movement
• Corrosion Assessment
• Vibration Mode Analysis
• Temperature Monitoring
• Tilt Monitoring


• Evaluate the current state of any structure
• Quantify problem areas and determine remediation methods
• Determine any necessary restrictions
• Detect hidden deterioration — early
• Maximize safe usage
• Predict life of the structure
• Ultimately reduce repair and maintenance costs


• System Design
• Installation
• Sensor customization
• Software customization
• In-house customization of support hardware
• Structural Engineering Analysis/Consulting
• Alarm Criteria Definition/Consulting
• Advanced Technology Inspection


✔ Ensure compliance with quality and safety standards
✔ Extend the asset’s useful life
✔ Increase productivity and improve efficiency
✔ Reduce risk and avoid accidents
✔ Mitigate unscheduled downtimes
✔ Reduce operational costs and improve investment decisions
✔ Accelerate digital transformation

Inspection & Quality Assurance

• Non-Destructive Testing for Concrete, Wood & Mortars
• Cathodic Protection Inspections
• Construction Quality Control
• Welding & Welding Procedures Certification
• Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification
• Work Equipment Legal Inspection
• Fall Protection Equipment Certification
• Failure Analysis
• Accident Examination
• Technical Due Diligence

Digital Solutions

• UNO Industrial Digital Platform
• Monitoring Solutions
• Digital Transformation Consulting
• Software Development

Non-destructive Testing & Monitoring

• Conventional Non-Destructive Testing
• Advanced Non-Destructive Testing
• Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Engineering Consulting & Supervision

• Construction Supervision
• Asset Management Consulting
• Technical Outsourcing
• Engineering Studies & Life Extension Programs
• 3D Digitalization & Reverse Engineering
• Structural Analysis & Advanced Studies
• Design Review

Risk Management & Compliance Consulting

• Safety Supervision
• HSE Risk Management
• Environmental Consulting
• Management Systems
• HSE Laboratory

Technical Staffing & Training Solutions

• Technical Staffing & Recruitment
• Tailored In-Company Training
• Certification Programs

See also

• Drone Inspection and Survey
• Rope Access Services
• Underwater Inspection

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) offers the ability to continuously observe the integrity of Civil and Structural Engineering related assets in real-time, with the goal of enhancing safety and reliability and reducing maintenance and inspection costs.

Besides providing continuous information about the condition of structural components SHM systems help the owner of an asset to carry out design verifications and review for design, construction, testing, and long-term performance.

The creation of a historical file of collected data will support the development of maintenance and management strategies, as well as the planning of short, medium, and long-term interventions.

EQS Global has developed state-of-the-art methods for integrating structural health monitoring systems with existing maintenance management systems enabling the optimization of the maintenance plans of the asset.


Modular solution with full integration with existing systems
All information in one place

• User, Teams & Company Management
Asset Management & Real-time Monitoring: Significant impact in uptime and operational expenditures reduction.
• Assets are geo-localized and easily accessed. Possibility to localize underground/ underwater assets
• Repair Scheduling & Management
• Maintenance, Repair & Inspection. All tasks information and workflow are easily consulted and acted upon. Overhaul planning
• Gap Analysis & Action Plans. Planning for maintenance shutdowns.
• Security & Audit
• Real-time visualization of 3D data

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