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Personnel Certification Body

EQS CERT as a Personnel Certification Body, within the scope of the EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard, provides the following certifications:
● Fusion Welding Operator
● Operator who performs definitive joints
● Brazers and brazing operators
● Welder and Welding Operator
● Welder: Fusion Welding – steels
● Welder: Fusion Welding – Aluminium and aluminium alloys
● Welder: Fusion Welding – Copper and copper alloys
● Welder: Fusion Welding – Nickel and nickel alloys
● Welder: Fusion Welding – Titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium and zirconium alloys

EQS CERT guarantees the provision of the activity of personnel certification in a non-discriminatory way, ensuring the absence of any circumstance that restricts or prevents the access of candidates to certification, provided that they meet the requirements for such.

EQS CERT’s Top Management is committed to establishing and maintaining impartiality in the provision of services as a Personnel Certification Body, through its Management Commitment.


Applications for certification must be formalized by completing the Application Form and sending it to the following email address: ocp@eqsglobal.com

The delivery of this form attests to the intention of the candidates or entity to acquire the requested services.

Application Form
Personnel Certification Manual
Code of conduct
● Accredited as a Certification Body for Persons – ISO / IEC 17024 (View)

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