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Acoustic Emission Testing (AE)

Acoustic Emission Testing (AE) is a high-frequency sound waves radiation phenomenon that occurs in materials that undergo deformations or fracture processes, based on the fact that solid materials emit sonic or ultrasonic acoustic emissions when mechanically or thermally stressed. This test is suitable for the discontinuities’ dynamic behavior analysis, present in structures. Structures with flaws contain areas of concentration of tensions that once stimulated, initiate the redistribution of located tensions.

This NDT method allows do detect, locate, identify, and display flaw data for the stressed object, on the moment the flaw is created.

Besides this, Acoustic Emissions’ versatility and sensitivity allow its application in various areas and types of structures – pressure equipment, pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, tunnels, dams, aerospace parts, fiber-reinforced pipes, among others.

EQS Global performs AE Testing in the following type of assets:

● Pressure Equipment and Piping Systems;
● Pipelines;
● Storage Tanks;
● Composite Materials;
● Civil Engineering Assets (Structures, Bridges, etc)

EQS Global is an Accredited Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory and an independent and certified inspection company, offering a full range of services dedicated to inspection and testing, and the necessary knowledge to support its clients throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

EDP Renewables has been working with EQS Global for some years. In this project, Windfloat, I think I can easily characterize the relationship with EQS Global in a few words, namely, trust, availability, commitment and, above all, professionalism.

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