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Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

Eddy Current Testing (ET) is an electromagnetic testing method. When an alternating current coil induces an electromagnetic field into a conductive test piece, a small current is created around the magnetic flux field, the eddy current will be affected when it encounters a discontinuity. This NDT method is widely used to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities and thickness loss.

EQS Global certified and experienced NDT technicians help clients detect unacceptable defects and other quality problems, and verify the compliance with all related international standards, codes, and clients’ specifications.

EQS Global is an Accredited Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory and an independent and certified inspection company, offering a full range of services dedicated to inspection and testing, and the necessary knowledge to support its clients throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

EDP Renewables has been working with EQS Global for some years. In this project, Windfloat, I think I can easily characterize the relationship with EQS Global in a few words, namely, trust, availability, commitment and, above all, professionalism.

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