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Infrared Testing (IR)

Infrared Testing (IR), also called Infrared Thermography or Thermal Testing, is a technique that detects infrared radiation naturally emitted by materials, allowing temperature measurements without physical contact. By using infrared systems, it is possible to observe differences in the pattern of heat distribution in a material component, in order to provide information related to this operating/structural condition.

Thermal imaging can be used to detect corrosion damage, delaminations, disbonds, voids, inclusions as well as many other detrimental conditions.

EQS Global is an Accredited Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory and an independent and independent and certified inspection company, offering a full range of services dedicated to inspection and testing, and the necessary knowledge to support its clients throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

EDP Renewables has been working with EQS Global for some years. In this project, Windfloat, I think I can easily characterize the relationship with EQS Global in a few words, namely, trust, availability, commitment and, above all, professionalism.

EDP Renewables 2020
José Pinheiro
Project Director | EDP Renewables | Renewables,
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