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Engineering Consulting & Digitalization

Asset Management Consulting & Technical Audits

High demanding industries depends on strong levels of availability from their critical assets, even in the most demanding environments. At the same time, high safety levels and legal compliance must be assured.

Through technical advisory services and independent verifications, during fabrication, construction, operation and decommissioning, EQS Global seeks to guarantee technical and legal assurance, reliability and asset performance.

• Technical Due Diligence & Audits
• Maintenance Management Consulting
• Energy Efficiency Consulting
• Conceptual & Feasibility Studies

• Fitness-for-Service Assessment (FFS)
• Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)
• Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA/FFP)
• Failure Analysis
• Risk-based Inspection Programs (RBI)
• Integrity Operating Windows (IOW) Inspection Programs
• Management of Change (MoC)
• Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)
• Corrosion Under Insulation & Fireproofing (CUI/CUF)

Asset Integrity Management Consulting

In modern engineering, organizations must consider reliability and integrity across the full lifecycle of critical assets. Reliability thinking must be pushed earlier into the design stage and continuous integrity assessments must be provided to support lifecycle operations.

EQS Global provides detailed diagnostics for integrity assessment, performance improvement, and decision-making support.

In addition to the multi-disciplinary in-house engineering team and technology, EQS Global uses advanced software for asset management, analysis, and simulation.

Structural Analysis & Advanced Studies

Advanced analysis methods allow to study in an in-depth and detailed way complex systems, as well as to comprehensively study their capacity, parts, or assemblies, in order to cope with the operating and design conditions, and the inherent effectiveness.

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM)
• Computational Fluid Analysis (CFA/CFD)
• Vibration Analysis
• Multiphysics Analysis

EQS Global carries out simulations using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), performing static, dynamic, and non-linear Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), and applying displacement, forces, and numerical methods. All these analysis and simulation services are applicable to isotropic, orthotropic, and hyperplastic materials, with nonlinear behavior and others resulting from experimental linear or nonlinear analysis, among others.

• Rotating Equipment Health Monitoring
• Piping & Pipeline Monitoring
• Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) using Optical Sensing
• Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Civil Engineering
• Artificial Vision
• Energy Monitoring

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions offers the ability to continuously observe the integrity of Civil and Structural Engineering related assets in real-time, with the goal of validating design during construction, enhancing safety and reliability, and reducing maintenance and inspection costs.

Sensors are installed and real-time data is continuously being collected and compared with the baseline to identify structural changes over time. A Web interface displays the information in the form of time-dependent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and risk levels. An automated data analysis module allows a continuous detailed integrity evaluation.

3D Laser Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Asset virtualization enables the walk through a precise 3D representation of the physical asset and the ability to access all asset information, improving the decision-making process during daily operational activities.

EQS Global multidisciplinary engineering and technology team enables clients to face digitalization without any limitations, whether for current traditional needs or complex future challenges.

We support our clients managing operations and maintenance tasks, through 2D Drawings, 3D models, and mixed reality, boosting performance and safety on day-to-day activities.

EQS Global uses 3D Laser Scanning to map the entire structure, equipment, unit, or plant, generating digital documentation with point clouds. This is used as the basis for 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality applications, among others.

Whenever an asset or component doesn’t have the needed technical details for its management, such as drawings, bill-of-material, and other engineering data, it’s necessary to develop a Reverse Engineering process and duplicate the existing asset.

EQS Global has significant experience providing Digitalization and Reverse Engineering services in the most demanding industries, like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation, Mining, among others.


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    Feel free to require a quote! Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!