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Structural Analysis & Advanced Studies

Advanced analysis methods allow to study in an in-depth and detailed way complex systems, as well as to comprehensively study their capacity, parts, or assemblies, in order to cope with the operating and design conditions, and their inherent effectiveness.

Furthermore, these methods make a large application range to validate and develop physical and chemical concepts. Understanding the behavior in the best possible way makes it possible to increase the services’ reliability and performance, as well as to reduce design, construction, and operation costs, and the associated risk level.

EQS Global carries out simulations with the most advanced calculation tools, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), performing static, dynamic, and non-linear Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), and applying displacement, forces, and numerical methods. All these analysis and simulation services are applicable to isotropic, orthotropic, and hyperplastic materials, with nonlinear behavior and others resulting from experimental linear or nonlinear analysis, among others.

EQS Global supports leading companies worldwide through specialized Technical Advisory Services, and a team with extensive experience, supporting clients in managing their assets in the most demanding industries.

Finite Element Analysis (FEAFEM)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) provides a further thorough understanding of stress and stress accumulated in certain areas of structural components. With the growing improvements in computer technology, the Finite Element Method (FEM) is nowadays applied in several industries and for relevant purposes like product development, safety structural analysis, asset performance optimization, among others.

CFD - Computacional Fluid Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis uses numerical and algorithmic methods to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows.
This analysis method, in which computers are used to perform the necessary calculations to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces defined by boundary conditions, allows rapid system integration, to optimize the settings for cost and efficiency.

Having a large deployment offshore, this method also enables to carry out of durability assessments, based on fatigue fractures reviews, dynamic simulation, and fire modeling, among others.

Vibration Analysis

There is a wide range of applications and engineering fields where vibration issues are of interest and need in-depth analysis.

The most common routine vibration problems can be easy to solve, but the challenges related to high-demanding industries, harsh environments, and production improvement requires a complex approach involving field measurement, advanced simulation, and experimental laboratory testing.

EQS Global has extensive experience with vibrations associated with new product development, machinery reliability analysis (pulsations), integrity management of plant equipment, pipelines, and offshore structures (FIV/VIV/AIV), among others.

Multiphysics Analysis

Multiphysics challenges are usually encountered when the behavior of a system is affected by several phenomena. The interaction between these phenomena leads to completely different behavior than the one resulting if each would be treated separately from the others.

Advanced simulation of interactions such as thermomechanical and electrochemical, fluid-structure, acoustic-structure, and Thermo fluidic, among others are of the most important when analyzing asset performance, integrity, reliability, and safety.

EQS Global engineering team uses advanced analytical methods in order to directly meet clients’ requirements, processes that support the decision making. Alongside this, Computational Fluid analysis tools represent traceable and repeatable information, allowing to ensure that the system’s behaviors are understood and that their decisions are optimized.

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    Feel free to require a quote! Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!