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Inspection During Fabrication & Construction

Fabrication and Construction are crucial stages to assure quality and safety compliance, and asset future performance levels.

With an experienced team of quality control engineers and technicians, EQS Global ensures that all legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations are fulfilled in each project.

What We Do in Inspection during Fabrication & Construction:

Construction Quality Assurance

During the asset construction, local and international regulations must be met. Simultaneously, careful risk management must be guaranteed, in order to ensure the workers’ health and safety. At the same time, the quality and safety levels must be ensured so that owners are in a position to achieve the outlined strategic objectives.

QA/QC & Expediting

Project deadlines and quality are critical aspects for owners, operators, contractors, and manufacturers. EQS Global works to help clients comply with all project requirements and all related standards, codes, and specifications.

To evaluate materials and products’ compliance, according to all applicable regulations and technical specifications, EQS Global controls quality at all stages, during fabrication and construction.

Paint & Coating Testing

Paint and coating are the most critical component in an anticorrosive protection system. Their main function is to provide corrosion protection by adhesion to the substrate. It is then critical that the applied thickness is sufficient to ensure corrosion protection as well as proper adhesion.

Design Review

Independent Design Review plays a crucial role during Construction, Manufacturing, Asset Operation, Business Transactions, and Failure Investigations, compliance with legal requirements, industry regulations, international standards, project requirements, among others, must be assured with a high level of technical expertise, independence, ethics, and integrity.

These services are addressed to Industrial Design (Plants, equipment, pipelines, piping, among others) and Civil and Structural Engineering assets, covering several industries.

Welders & welding procedures certification
Welders & Welding procedures certification

In all welding activities, quality begins with the qualification of all personnel involved. Welders must undergo a demanding demonstration of their ability to perform specific tasks, according to the projects’ requirements and rigorous welding procedures.

EQS Global Certification services help its clients meet the high-quality standards demanded. The team consists of internationally certified welding inspectors, and welding engineers, with vast experience in welding testing and certification.

Electric Installations & Equipment

Failures in electrical installations are potential hazards that can result in fires, explosions and power outages. Regular testing and inspection are essential in order to check if they are in satisfactory condition for continued use.

Electrical equipment must be submitted to demanding Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and the condition monitored by regular testing and inspection.

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    Feel free to require a quote! Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!