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Technical Supervision

Technical Supervision is essential to guarantee technical compliance, ensuring quality, safety, environmental and legal requirements, assuming greater importance in any project’s success.

Our team’s expertise and competencies cover several disciplines such as mechanical, civil, electrical & instrumentation, and reliability, among others.

Construction Supervision

EQS Global team ensures that projects are implemented according to the specifications, and meet all legal and regulatory requirements. At the same time, quality, health and safety, and environmental protection levels are also ensured so that owners are in a position to achieve the outlined strategic objectives.

During the project construction phase EQS supports its customers by providing the following services:

• Design Review
• Procurement
• Construction management
• Monitoring of planning and progress
• Contract management
• Quantity survey cost control
• Material and works quality control
• Quality assurance
• Environmental management
• Safety supervision
• Inspection, commissioning, and site testing

Commissioning Supervision

With an integrated approach of engineering methods, procedures, and good practices, EQS Global Commissioning Supervisors verify, inspect and test each component to assure technical, contractual, and operational compliance before start-up.

Maintenance Supervision

EQS Global Supervision team provides support to our clients during the creation and implementation of asset maintenance strategies (preventive, condition-based, and predictive).

Our team expertise and competencies cover several disciples like mechanical, civil, electrical & instrumentation, reliability, remote monitoring, data analytics, among others.

EQS aims to deliver a high-quality service, with strong flexibility and aligned with future industry challenges.

Fabrication Supervision

Fabrication is a crucial stage to assure quality, safety, and asset future performance levels.

With an experienced team of Supervisors, EQS Global ensures that all technical, contractual, legal, and regulatory obligations are fulfilled in each project.


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