EQS offers SERMI certification in partnership with Kiwa Portugal

The use of the SERMI (Security Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information) scheme has been mandatory since April 1, 2024, under Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 2021/1244 amending Regulation (EU) No. 2018/858.

This directive stipulates that standardized access to Maintenance and Repair Information for services on safety-related components and software can only be carried out by certified companies and mechanics.

EQS, in collaboration with Kiwa, offers the Independent Operator (IO) and Remote Service Provider (RSS) Certification service.

SERMI certification is required for independent car, car repair and motorhome companies that work with parts related to vehicle security, such as keys, ignition locks, door locks and the ECU.

Certified access to the manufacturer’s vehicle safety data

Kiwa certifies independent operators, remote service providers and their employees so that they are authorized to access the vehicle’s safety-related repair and maintenance information.

This mandatory certification allows authorized operators to access sensitive data on equipment and diagnostic systems installed in the factory.

To apply for the right certification, it is important to know what IO and RSS mean. You can find more information on the SERMI certification page or you can order directly from the KIWA website.


Discover the 5 steps to easily obtain your SERMI certificate.

1. Order

Order the certification for your company or for a KIWA | Sermi employee. After payment, you will receive an email within 5 minutes to start your order.

2. Start your application

Complete your application by submitting all the necessary company information on our portal. You can submit multiple company locations in a single application. The employees you specify for certification will receive a personalized email to complete their application.

3. Employee application

After receiving the invitation e-mail, your employees themselves enter the required information in the portal. Once the employee is ready, the input is sent to Kiwa.

4. Assessment by Kiwa

Fully completed applications from the company and employees are assessed by Kiwa according to the SERMI standard.

5. SERMI certified

Your company and employees will be certified for a period of 5 years.

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